Reduce 19 % your energy

& carbon offset costs

Our AI makes production processes more energy efficient
and unlock demand-response opportunities

Our A.I. makes production processes
more efficient and unlocks
market access

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How it works

Our A.I. technology identifies the consumption patterns and the optimal settings of machines on the production lines.
Then, it automatically executes the improvements.

Software-As-A-Service solution

Based on a yearly subscription fee and revenue share

Zero-impact for your business

Optimising non-core processes, we do not pose risk on day-to-day business

Proof of impact: 65 millions tCO2

Our ultimate goal is to avoid 65 millions tCO2 emission per year from wasted energy.

On a mission to revolutionise the energy efficiency in manufacturing using Artificial Intelligence

Fill up your data and learn how much you will save

Tailoring your production processes

From a due diligence to real-time execution leads to avoid 19% consumption

BeImpact: measure your impact

Build the digital twin of the installation: monitor the energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Real-time metrics to make strategic business decisions.

BeTrack: track the carbon footprint

Certify the carbon footprint (proof of impact), tracking in real time the energy consumption and the emission generated without 3rd parties.

BeOpti: optimise consumption & CO2

Our A.I. technology flawlessly identifies the optimal settings of machines on production line in real-time. The set-point changes are directly executed to cut wasted energy

BeFlex: energy flexibility for markets

Unlock new revenue streams from demand-response market access.

Our commitment for

Sustainable Development Goals

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