To save money in energy bills

and keep the Electric Grid balanced

Optimise the energy consumption, reduce the CO2 emissions
and certify your carbon footprint

we make energy consumption efficient,
reduce CO2 emissions
and create new incomes from the energy markets,
without intermediary

Discover how it works

By integrating the platform, BeChained acquires the right to control and reduce the electric consumption at installation and its CO2 emissions to generate flexibility during peak moments.

Platform-As-A-Service solution

Based on a yearly subscription fee and revenue share model: the revenue streams from the market will be shared among consumers, aggregator and us.

Zero-impact for your business

The platform will not impact your business as usual: either the production output, nor its quality nor the comfort of people.

Accelerate the impact alongside the Energy Transition

The platform reduces 2.000.000 ton of CO2 emission by 2025, by fostering the responsible consumption and easing the adoption of more renewables in the production mix.

Achieve zero-impact for your business
with Artificial Intelligence

Fill up your data and learn how much you will optimise your energy costs

A tailor-made platform

Lead an energy due diligence, map and model the production installation or building to identify your flexibility, then take it to the balance market through an aggregator

BeImpact: measure your sustainability

Build the digital twin of your installation with a validated method: monitor your consumption and CO2 emissions in real-time. You will have metrics to make strategic business decisions.

BeTrack: guarantee your energy transaction with blockchain

Certify each energy transaction with producers from renewable sources and with the energy markets with an emission neutral blockchain support.

BeOpti: optimise your consumption and emissions

The Energy Data-As-A-Service platform monitors and optimise the flexible distributed resources in the production process, but without disrupt the business-as-usual.

BeFlex: trade your flexibility in the energy markets

Enable businesses to generate new revenue streams to keep electric grid balance during peak moments with the demand flexibility, avoiding to rely on expensive, polluting and inefficient fossil fuel power plants.

Our commitment for the

Sustainable Development Goals

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