BeChained secures spot in INDPULS, catalysing innovation in manufacturing


In the dynamic landscape of Catalan manufacturing, innovation is key to staying competitive and sustainable. BeChained, a pioneering force in artificial intelligence for industrial energy optimisation in production processes, was selected for the prestigious mentoring program by INDPULS, the association of Catalan manufacturing.

This recognition comes after productive discussions with INDPULS management team and esteemed partners Girbau and Pastisart, signaling a transformative journey ahead for BeChained in the realms of laundry, food, and metal manufacturing.

The INDPULS Mentoring Program:

INDPULS, known for its commitment to fostering innovation and growth in the Catalan manufacturing sector, runs a highly selective mentoring program to nurture promising startups. BeChained’s inclusion in this program demonstrates the association’s recognition of the company’s potential to revolutionize energy efficiency in laundry, food, and metal manufacturing.

Conversations with Girbau and Pastisart:

Girbau and Pastisart, as selected partners, have engaged in conversations with BeChained, underscoring the collaborative spirit that defines the INDPULS mentoring program. Girbau, a leading name in laundry solutions, and Pastisart, a renowned player in the food manufacturing sector, recognize the value that BeChained brings to the table. The conversations have been mutually beneficial, paving the way for a synergistic partnership that holds the promise of significant advancements in energy optimization.

Key Takeaways from the Discussions:

  1. Validation of Innovation: The interest shown by Girbau and Pastisart validates BeChained’s innovative approach to industrial energy optimization. The conversations have highlighted the potential for BeChained’s AI-driven solutions to drive efficiency and sustainability in manufacturing processes.
  2. Industry-Specific Insights: Girbau and Pastisart, each leaders in their respective fields, have provided valuable industry-specific insights. These insights will enable BeChained to tailor its solutions to the unique challenges and opportunities present in laundry, food, and metal manufacturing.
  3. Collaborative Opportunities: The discussions have laid the groundwork for collaborative opportunities between BeChained, Girbau, and Pastisart. The synergy between these partners has the potential to yield groundbreaking solutions that go beyond individual sector boundaries.

The Future of Manufacturing Efficiency:

As BeChained embarks on its journey with the INDPULS mentoring program pushed industrial partners, like Girbau and Pastisart, to get to know the innovative opportunity to have deals with startups: the stage is set for catalysing innovation in manufacturing. The collaborative efforts are not only a testament to BeChained’s potential but also a reflection of the shared commitment to advancing sustainability and efficiency in the manufacturing sector.


BeChained’s selection for the INDPULS mentoring program marks a significant milestone in the company’s quest to redefine industrial energy optimization. With Girbau and Pastisart as collaborative partners, BeChained is poised to make lasting contributions to the laundry, food, and metal manufacturing sectors.

This recognition by INDPULS reinforces the belief that BeChained is on the right path to transforming the future of manufacturing efficiency in Catalonia and beyond.