Reduce 19% energy & CO2 costs

Enable demand-response market access & certify carbon footprint

AI to eliminate wasted energy in manufacturing

Our comprehensive suite for manufacturers to make production processes continuously more energy efficient, sell energy asset in demand-response markets and certify the carbon footprint at product level


Reduce industrial manufacturers energy spend, by making production processes 19% more energy efficient


AI identifies the optimal settings on machines (i.e. speed blade in paper pulper) and automatically executes improvements in production


Avoid 65 millions tCO2 per year from wasted energy in manufacturing by 2040

Energy efficiency

Cut energy consumption for processes. Starting from non-core (i.e. water & exhaust management, air compressors) to core ones, do not pose a risk on day-to-day Operations.

State-of-the-art of AI technology

Pioneer the implementation of Reinforcement Learning models to deliver continuous improvement & automatic, but supervised, decision making

Certify carbon footprint

Certify the carbon footprint at product level, from direct data sources (i.e. energy meters) and store in blockchain for carbon reporting and CO2 credits

An array of solutions

We optimise your energy for your specific production fleet

Step 1: Measure your impact

Step 3: Incomes from new markets

Meet our team

45 years experience in energy and data science spaces

Stefano Melchior

Founder & CEO

Bardia Rafieian

Data lead

Dani Bachs Lobo

Web3 blockchain developer

Àlex Pujol Vidal

Data scientist

Leslie León Sánchez


Mohammad Peyton

RL data scientist

Briana Keyser

Business & sustainability intern

Victoria Richards

Data science intern

Luke Ettefagh

Business intern

Samuel Neal

Data science intern

SDG commitment


Foster the adoption of more renewables, controlling the effect of intermittent resources over the grid infrastructure


Turn the infrastructure more resilient and stable, reducing the complexity through demand control and flexibility.

SDG 12

Eliminate wasted energy, by fostering a more conscious and efficient resource consumption

SDG 13

By avoiding 65 millions tCO2 emissions from wasted energy by 2040, we boost Net-Zero Emission (NZE) plans


We believe in our vision, counting on our values


Merge engineering and technology to drive customers’ active participation in the energy transition and in demand-response markets


Flexibility, Unconditioned inclusiveness, Out-of-the-box thinking, Creativity, Expertise, Transparency


Avoid 65 millions tCO2 per year from wasted energy by 2040


“For each €1 invested in BeChained, the customer saves €4”

Stefano Melchior

CEO, BeChained


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