BeChained builds the largest network of capacity from demand to help grid balance, cut CO2 emissions and create CO2 credits from sustainable innovation

BeChained optimizes energy consumption and GHG emissions: it identifies the capacity of businesses to control consumption according to market needs, and it monetises this flexibility, without impacting business-as-usual activities.

Do you consume more than 2GWh per year? This is for you

At Production site, we perform an energy audit and modelling to identify your energy flexibility, then we prepare you to work on our Demand-Response platform to sell it to Balance Market with the help of a trader (Aggregator).

At factories or building, consuming more than 2GWh of energy on yearly basis, we close the loop with all the connected devices and the production control system, the solar photovoltaic, the battery: we automatically generate the new production program scheduling, according to the market need.

Platform-As-A-Service solution

It is based on subscription fee and revenue share model: earning from Market are split among Consumers, Aggregator and us.

Added value solution of Aggregators and Grids

Aggregators offer added-value services to Clients and generate new revenue streams. The Grid benefits of reduced complexity, congestion and intermittent source impact.

Accelerated impact for Energy Transition

The platform reduces 2.000.000 tons CO2 emissions by controlling consumption and renewables in the production mix.

Reduce energy costs of production

The platform reduces at least 25% consumption at production site, while improving efficiency and resilience.

Zero-impact in business-as-usual

The platform is designed to get business going: it does not impact production output, neither reducing quantity nor quality, nor the confort of people working there.

Real-time information over costs and earnings

The platform provides real-time information dashboard to monitor device consumption and income streams from Market: a long-term mean to take smarter data-driven decision.

4 reasons why to choose us?

We build the digital twin of your installation, with a patented method, to analyze your consumption and GHG emissions in real time. The output unleashes the information you need to make strategic decisions.

We lever on Artificial Intelligence to control and optimize consumption and GHG emissions: this delivers new benefit from competitive advantage to your business, and to make your processes more sustainable.

We certify your compromise with carbon neutrality or sustainable innovation. If you choose to adopt renwable sources, we certify your CO2 credits and your purpose driven strategy.

We keep track and secure any energy transaction with markets and producers, so that we secure your flexibility monetization.

Our Services in a nutshell

BeImpact: measure your sustainability.

We build the digital twin of your installation with a patented method, then we dynamically monitor your consumption and green-house gases emissions (like CO2), so your carbon footprint! You will finally get a real-time insights to make your strategic business decisions.

BeOpti: optimize consumption and emissions.

Our Energy Data-As-A-Service platform monitors consumption and optimize it without disrupting your business-as-usual (i.e. production output or comfort). You will then gain more competitive advantage from avoiding unnecessary and unproductive consumption and GHG emissions.

BeTrack: secure energy transaction (i.e.PPA) with Blockchain.

We certify each energy transaction with producers from renewable sources or with Energy Market with blockchain. So, for instance, you keep track and secure Public Purchasing Agreement transaction via smart-contracts.

BeFlex: trade your flexibility in the Energy Market.

We help businesses generate new revenue streams from deliverng consumption compensation to Grid, avoiding to ask it to some expensive, unsustainable and inefficient fossil fuel power plants to do it, during unexpected peak moments.

A positive impact on Climate Change and Smart Cities



Affordable & Clean Energy

We foster the adoption of more renewable sources, by controlling their intermittent effect on the Infrastructure. Demand smoothes it.



Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

We turn the Infrastructure more resilient, stable by reducing complexity and issues with the help of Demand-Side flexibility.

SDG 11

SDG 11

Sustainable Cities & Communities

We mitigate the impact of consumption in the Urban Grids and the Electric Vehicle adoption, keeping the Infrastructure safe and balanced

SDG 12

SDG 12

Responsible Consumption & Production

We optimize the resources necessary to produce products and services, but always in a sustainable way

SDG 13

SDG 14

Climate Action

Reducing CO2 emissions, we accelerate carbon neutrality to stop the Climate Crisis

BeChained: innovation & impact driven DNA


To merge technology and engineering making participation to Demand Management Market accessible to everyone


To accelerate the transition to make Energy Market more consumer centric, to turn Electric Grid more intelligent and distributed, and to adopt more renewables in the energy mix


Flexibility & Adaptation, Creativity, Innovation, Integrity, Transparency, Diversity inclusion, Reliability & Expertise, Effectiveness

Stefano Melchior

CEO & COO, Founder

MS in Mechanical Engineer. MBA. ESADE Exec Master In Business Analytics. 20+ years in Global Operations. TopTierImpact member.



Degree in Information Technology. 20+ years in DevOps. Active developer at Open Source Community.

Roberto Quadrini

Advisor & Inventor

MS in Automation Engineering. Entrepreneur. President & CEO of Tecnalogic

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Electricity Transmission System needs to redesign its governance due to disruption generated by Distributed Energy Resources. Actually, the cost of imbalance in Europe is 20+ billion Euro per year. The best cost-effective solution is to open to Consumer’s participation to Demand Management market. BeChained offers to Consumers and Balancing Service Provider an Automated Demand-Response platform, which automatically identifies in real-time the energy flexibility, to respond to market price signals and infrastructure needs.

Stefano Melchior

CEO, BeChained

The success of Demand Side Response (DSR) is strongly dependent on user acceptance and engagement (EU Directive 2019/944: the customer in the heart of the Energy Transition). Aggregators and energy managers must propose to their Clients simple, standard and interoperable solutions moduling the consumption providing their flexibility to the grid.

Roberto Quadrini

advisor & Inventor

The platform enables all Energy Market Operators to create new business models in energy services (Energy-as-a-Service) thanks to its innovative mathematical engine, which processes the operational data on Demand-Side and provides to every stakeholders energy programming (Energy-Data-as-a-Service) integrated with distributed generation by creating Active-Demand -> Flexible Response model for Consumers. The platform enables all aggregators to realize the Demand-Response paradigm on DSM side, thanks to modeling and mapping of consumption systems, modeled according to the communicating vessel scheme.

Roberto Quadrini

Advisor & Inventor