B Hub to help our business model to boost

BeChained was included among the 15 start-up at B-Hub Bechained outbalances electric supply with demand consumption. This is our core business and expertise, which is basically needed to put the consumer in the heart of the energy market. But, useless to say that the energy market is opaque and it doesn’t disclose any information, because as-is Regulation and infrastructure prevent it to gather and cruch consumption data. We believe that, to make strategic decisions for your business, you need to acquire data, and transform it in insights.

Earth Day 2021

Earth Day 2021: April 22nd We need to keep in mind that we all live in a Planet very delicate and we have already changed its equilibrium. Some of human beings are inherently skeptical, maybe because they blindly don’t believe in science, but some others do. We belong to the second group, so we are extremely happy to celebrate this Day and to contribute by reducing the impact of GHG emissions with the support of our clients.

Automated Demand-Response solutions versus Legacy management systems

Automated Demand-Response solutions versus Legacy management systems by Stefano Melchior The topic of today is hot: the global Demand-Response Management System is globally estimated in US$ 36 billions, with a CAGR 7% during 2020-2025. In USA it was worth US$ 7 billions in 2015. Its growth is due to relevant factors, such as the integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), rising adoption of smart meters (IoT) in the residential segment, commercial and industrial, integration of Electric Vehicles (EVs) with smart grids, and government regulations encouraging the adoption of Demand Response (DR).

Let's truly celebrate the 2021 Women Day

Let’s truly celebrate the 2021 Women Day by Stefano Melchior Today, it is March 8th: the Women Day. We believe that it is not only a matter of marketing or a day like Christmas, when everybody needs to behave well. In BeChained ’s web-page, we highlighted that our values are: Flexibility & Adaptation, Creativity, Innovation, Integrity, Transparency, Diversity inclusion, Reliability & Expertise, Effectiveness So, 3 of those refers to internal attitude among employee/mates, and therefore that towards external, such as Clients or peers.

The Startup Pill included BeChained in two important list globally

The Startup Pill included BeChained in Energy and Power Grid classifications by Stefano Melchior The The Startup Pill, web page specialized in creating important recognition for start-up, listes BeChained among the most interesting ones in two categories: The Top 101 Energy Startups to follow in 2021 The Top 16 Power Grid Startups to follow in 2021. The first recognition to be considered is that the classification is on global basis.

Climate 50 top investors in Climatetech

Climate 50 top investors in Climatetech by Stefano Melchior Recently, we found the 1st annual list of Investors with an impact-driven purpose, called the Climate 50. The idea behind is that it can be a reference point for investors, LPs and above all it can serve entrepreneurs to boost their brilliant projects. Climate Crisis and impact-driven project are now a hype, but they are necessary to act against what human beings had done to accelerate an irreversible process of deterioration, as well to keep on dreaming that our Planet deserves a better future.

South Summit Biscay 2021 in Bilbao (Spain)

South Summit Biscay pitch for Energy & Sustainability solutions by Stefano Melchior On February the 24th, BeChained was invited to present its Demand-Response platform in the Energy & Sustainability category in the South Summit Biscay in the sunny Bilbao (Spain). We were selected together with other 3 start-ups to represent not only Spain, because the South Summit is an International Event for start-ups. In this case, the City Council of Bilbao and the Province (Diputación de Bizkaia) hosted the entire event and, despite the COVID-19 restrictions, organized the live-session on Youtube:

Cleantech hubs in the EU

What are the Hotspots for CleanTech startups in Europe? by Stefano Melchior The list of the Cleantech Hubs around the European Union is growing more and more, but it is consolidating around some specific Cities where the topic is hotter. London, Paris and Berlin are the top of the list and they demonstrated the importance, by investing and forging many excellent innovation. Nevertheless, Spain is not following by far, because there are two hotspots, like Barcelona (famous for its Cleantech capm, where BeChained was among the 5 finalist start-up) and Madrid.

22 Network Awards

Strong week with 22 Network Awards and Alastria + F10 incubator contest by Stefano Melchior The past week started with the candidature to Alastria + F10 contest with the new idea of exploiting #blockchain consumption to balance Electric Grid with flexible loads, managed by our Automated Demand-Response platform. BeChained was not admitted to the final pitch session on Friday Jan 22nd because its project was classified at the 7th position, out +100 candidatures, whilst only the first 5 start-ups could present live their projects.

Podcast: Demand Response and Flexibility Market

Podcast: Episode 1 - Demand Response Platform by Stefano Melchior Welcome to the first episode of BeChained’s serie dedicated to the Flexibility Markets. Today, we introduce what the Demand-Response platform are and their key advantages to enable Consumers and Balancing Service Providers to participate to the Demand Management Markets. Episode 1: Demand-Response platform The podcast is also available at: You can also benefit of the transcripts of the podcast hereafter.

We won a Proof of Concept with Naturgy in the Cleantech Camp 2020

BeChained won a pilot with Naturgy in the Final Day of Cleantech Camp 2020 by Stefano Melchior Great news, on November 26th the Cleanech Camp 2020 acceleration program celebrated the Final Event in a virtual session, as it is required during this strange year. Unfortunately, the pandemic changed the ordinary format of the program, which had planned a format like a week in Lisbon, another in Madrid an the final one in Barcelona.

National Final at ClimateLaunchpad 2020

Today, at 16h (Valencia time!) there will be the Spanish Final of CLP2020 by Stefano Melchior The demo day arrived! This afternoon BeChained will virtually pitch at Climate LaunchPad 2020 to achieve the best 3 project and to access to European Final (September 2020). After a long preparation, where we tried to turn our business model more digestable to be understood by everyone, we would like to celebrate this moment as a win.

Spanish ClimateLaunchPad 2020 countdown gets going

National final of Climate LaunchPad #CLP2020 is counting down by Stefano Melchior Wednesday July 29th is the big day: due to COVID19 emergency, the Spanish Final event will be virtual instead of celebrating altogether in Valencia. This is the end of an awesome journey to challenge our business model and the approach to climate change transition of BeChained’s platform: this is Climate LaunchPad 2020 boot camp. BeChained is a post-covid incorporated start-up, we are growing up with resilience and then we are used to face digital challenges: we definitivly are a digital native platform to enable Consumer’s participation to electric Balance Market. BeChained reinvented with a new image and more contents

This is the second post from the new site: we now are live!!! by Stefano Melchior This is the new public face of BeChained, restyled along with the purchasing of new institutional domain, which is now overlapping the previous ( What’s new? We decided to start with: new look-and-feel new explanation for Clients about what we propose for them new blog (exporting old content), but promising to post more frequently.

1st post from new site

First entry after a while Today finally we are back on track with BeChained’s blog. This is the first entry. We backed the previous entries Soon we will import all the previous entries and we promise to write at least a post per week.

7 use cases where Energy needs match with Blockchain technology

7 use cases where Energy needs match with Blockchain technology by Stefano Melchior (Original LinkedIn’s article) IEAprojects the global Energy Demand to a continuous growth for the next years due to Global Economy expansion and a increasing domestic need for comfort (20-25% of the whole). The paradox of the modern lifestyle is that "the consumption of energy services for everyday mobility and domestic life is a fundamental precondition for participating in many contemporary societies"

Demystifying Blockchain more than P2P it unlocks value for Energy market participation

Demystifying Blockchain: more than P2P, it unlocks value for Energy market participation by Stefano Melchior (Original LinkedIn’s article) Since the first use case of Blockchain came out in 2009, this technology has attracted attention, dream and nightmare. Blockchain offers up a distributed ledger, smart contracts and tradable tokens on exchanges that have no technical limits on their geographic scope. Blockchain created some deception, or the expected benefit was less appealing than depicted at early stages of the use case

Energy Community meets Data Science and IoT to empower Consumers

Energy Community meets Data Science and IoT: to empower Consumers by Stefano Melchior (Original LinkedIn’s article). An Energy Communityis a digital aggregation of consumers and prosumers with common goals. The first common perception is to focus on economics: the energy bill. Some of the common questions anyone is wondering are: how can I reduce my bill? am I paying energy at market price? can I afford next month bill? how can I know my punctual expenditure (or benefits in case you are a prosumer), rather than my end-month provision?

5 improvements of the new Guidelines for self Generation

5 improvements of the new Guidelines for self-generation by Stefano Melchior The past April 2019, within the change in Guidelines and Regulations commonly known as «Ley de autoconsumo» or «Impuesto del sol» (Self generation Law or Sun tax), the Govern bid for a long term plan to propel the Energy Transition. It is possible to sum them up and simplify the 5 key points as follows. Tax cancellation (for energy generated by solar PV systems) «The consumed energy from renewable sources», as the Regulation states, «will be free from all kind of charge and toll».

The new regulation for the Energy Transition in Spain fosters flexibility for consumer

The new regulation for the Energy Transition in Spain fosters flexibility for consumer by Stefano Melchior The past April 2019, new Guidelines (Directiva 944/2019) and new Regulations (Reglamento 943/2019), defining the legal framework for upcoming market configuration for electricity, were published: these determined the Government’s commitment for Energy Transition. This means that some appropriate elements of flexibility in electricity generation and management from renewable sources will be promoted. These Guidelines will allow active clients and citizen communities to play a key role, as well as the new player in the energy sector for professionals, the Aggregator.

World Business Forum in Madrid enlighted by Nicolas Negroponte

Nicolas Negroponte, MIT Professor and MediaLab creator, amazed Spanish audience by Stefano Melchior Thanks to Seidor for ESADE Alumni, BeChained assisted to a brilliant and inspirational presentation by Prof. Nicolas Negroponte: “The future of the future” We learnt the following key takeaway: the energy source of the future is nuclear fusion at low scale within a distributed grid -> #NeurslGrid is needed to govern it we need Regulation to rule Innovation natural (science) and artificial (engineering at very small scale) become the same competition is enemy of learning: stop testing and eliminate age segregation to change the way teachers teach biotech is the new digital creative users and misfits (of Media Lab 2.

BeChained in LaVanguardia

BeChained in an article of LaVanguardia by Stefano Melchior We recently appeared in an article at LaVanguardia, written by Lorena Ferras after she interviewed our CEO, Stefano Melchior. We explained the opportunity of building a marketplace for electricity from renewables. It serves as a liaison to connect EnergyCommunities to empower Consumers and to allow them to interchange electricity self-generated with solar photovoltaic and hopefully stored in batteries. BeChained’s platform always keeps Demand and Response balanced in real time.

BeChained pitching at ESADE eWorks

BeChained first public pitch at ESADE eWorks by Stefano Melchior After some months of hard work, it finally came: the Open Day at ESADE eWorks, where BeChained had the chance to pitch in front of a crowded audience. 5 finalists with great ideas: e-Specks CANUSSA Smart Agri Labs Promos Rental Ninja Acknowledges Many thanks to those who made it possible: first, ESADE Business & Law School, second to Prof.