BeChained’s Thrilling Journey in London and Oxford (week 2): Navigating Business Opportunities and Building Connections


In the dynamic world of #entrepreneurship, seizing international opportunities is a crucial step towards growth and success. We embarked on a transformative two-week journey in the #UnitedKingdom, specifically throughout Cambridge, London and Oxford. The focus of this expedition was to explore collaborations with both private and governmental organizations, gain insights into the UK market, and refine strategies for business expansion.

The goal was to get to know the clean or climate tech markets, as we are able to reduce energy consumption and therefore emissions in industrial manufacturers, by making production processes more energy efficient.

London: A Hub of Innovation and Support

During the first week, BeChained’s team engaged in productive meetings with key players in #Cambridge and London’s business ecosystem. The second week was focused on #London and #Orford.

London & Partners, a strategic partner in collaboration with the UK government, was a pivotal stop. This organization works tirelessly to facilitate the entry of ventures into the UK market. Through informative sessions, BeChained received guidance on various aspects of settling in the UK, including legal considerations, market analysis, and networking opportunities.

Another significant encounter was with the Department of Business and Trade, where BeChained gained valuable insights into the intricacies of venture creation. This governmental body played a crucial role in providing detailed guidance, paving the way for BeChained’s successful integration into the UK business landscape.

Capital is important and companies who provide equity-free access to it are too key: formerly #SiliconValleyBank, now HSBC is one of the most active commercial bank to deal with startups, as Catherine Wright explained to all of us.

Venture Capital Insights: Due Diligence and Exit Planning

A highlight of the second week was an illuminating presentation by #VentureCapital experts. The session delved into the meticulous process of due diligence, led by companies like Xynteo, engaged by Venture Capital or Private Equity firms, offering BeChained a comprehensive understanding of how investors scrutinize startups’ processes and assess relationships within the organization. Furthermore, the importance of a well-thought-out exit strategy was emphasized, providing the BeChained team with a roadmap for long-term success.

Pitching for Success: Demo Day Preparation

As the week progressed, BeChained dedicated Thursday, the 23rd, to prepare for the highly anticipated #DemoDay. The team worked tirelessly to craft a compelling pitch that showcased the company’s strengths and potential. The culmination of this effort took place at the ICEX offices, where BeChained presented its vision to a captivated audience, marking a significant milestone in the UK journey.

Posh Mini at BMW Mini Factory Museum

Oxford: A Day of Exploration and Connection

Venturing beyond the bustling streets of London, BeChained spent a day in Oxford, a city renowned for its academic excellence and innovative spirit. The day started with a visit to the BMW Mini automated plant, offering valuable insights into cutting-edge and resource-optimised manufacturing processes.

The prestigious Said Business School hosted a session focused on dealing with stakeholders in day-to-day operations. BeChained gained essential knowledge on effective stakeholder management, a critical skill in the ever-evolving business landscape.

The day concluded with a networking session at Oxfordshire Greentech working space, bringing BeChained face-to-face with potential investors and institutions from Oxford. This event provided a unique opportunity to forge connections within the local ecosystem, opening doors for future collaborations and partnerships.


BeChained’s two weeks in the UK were nothing short of transformative. The connections made, insights gained, and knowledge acquired during meetings with London & Partners, the Department of Business and Trade, Venture Capital experts, and the events in Oxford laid a solid foundation for BeChained’s future endeavors in the UK market.

As the CEO returned, he carried with him not just memories of an enriching experience to transfer to the teammates, but a wealth of knowledge and partnerships that would undoubtedly propel BeChained to new heights in the global startup landscape.