Mission with Acció to know the innovation ecosystem in Stuttgart

BeChained took part to an interesting mission to get to know the industrial innovation ecosystem in Stuttgart (Germany).

Acció, the Catalan Agency for Enterprise Competitiveness, organised the 3 days mission, thanks to the delegations from Stuttgart (Teresa Puerta) and Berlin (Meritxell Marsià).

The program was very intense, there was alternation of company, innovation and research center visit alongside with networking events.

On Tuesday May 2nd, after a lunch in Stuttgart downtown , we presented our respective companies to a delegation of local enterprises at Alta Kanzlei.

The same morning was dedicated to a visit at one of the two research centers for long term project (moonshot, as they are called for its pioneering vision 20 years ahead) in industrial automation: the famous Fraunhofer IAO Institute.

At Fraunhofer IAO, explanation about how AI will drive repetitive assemblies in industry

AI application will drive the assembly processes in the lines: so, you can use monitors (display images from 3d cameras) and suggestion system to work alongside with people for easy operations, while measuring stress and burn-out.

At the same time, the people can access to different activity and to training on line to learn new assembly processes. Meanwhile, the output controlling will monitor quality and task accomplishment.

At ARENA 2036, we experiment innovative projects to adopt intelligent or “stupid” logistic systems to drive AGV (transport robot) in action.

The most important takeaway was that the projects were fostered by industrial partners, collaboration not only from the financial standpoint, but also bringing in own expert matter people. They are moonshot project, where Research Centers from EU collaborate with large and medium size industrial enterprises and start-ups.

These projects receive subsidy from local, federal and European fund era. We believe that this approach is very interesting as it looks at the future, where the competitors will fight more on seeking funds rather than to defend their businesses.

Visit at ARENA 2036

Other interesting visits were at Water Tools-TDM Systems and PILZ manufactoring installations.

Water Tools – TDM Systems focuses on automatising metal transformation works with tools, through the planning of resources, tool selection, maintenance and LCM (LifeCycle Management). So, instead of purchasing tools, the business model evolved in a pay-as-you-go formula.

As well, PILZ is an electronic component manufactoring and IIoT (Industry Internet of Things) for industry application. They design and produce different type of devices, and help customers study communication projects in security, according to NIS2 compliance.

This is the core competency of a scale-up, ASVIN, who helps enterprises prevent cybersecurity issues with a risk analysis process. The key factor is the prevention, sensibilities the information technology responsible about the risk, before they happen.