Pioneering the Future of Energy: Our Visit to PowerEM in Munich


June brought us to the vibrant city of Munich for the highly anticipated PowerEM Fair Trade, an event that converges experts, innovators, and industry leaders in the field of energy. At the heart of the discussion was the innovation in the energy sector, but for BeChained the critical topic of demand-response and demand-side flexibility to enhance electric grid stability.

We were not just spectators; we presented our groundbreaking concept, BeFlex, a solution to manage demand-side flexibility from industrial manufacturers and pitched an ingenious solution to create off-grid capacity with the power of AI, batteries, solar photovoltaics, and grid supply. The result? A remarkable 70% reduction in energy bills annually.

Exploring Demand-Response and Demand-Side Flexibility:

The PowerEM Fair Trade was a whirlwind of knowledge sharing and innovation. Attendees included energy experts, smartEn members, and forward-thinking organizations all seeking to address the complex challenges facing the modern electric grid.

Demandresponse and #demandsideflexibility were at the forefront of these discussions. The ability to adjust electricity consumption to match the supply from renewable sources, or during periods of peak demand, is becoming increasingly critical for grid stability and sustainability. It’s about creating a dynamic, responsive grid capable of efficiently balancing supply and demand.

Presenting BeChained: A Paradigm-Shifting Solution:

Our presentation at the event introduced BeChained, a groundbreaking concept aimed at revolutionizing the way we approach energy consumption and grid stability. BeChained is not just a product; it’s a vision that combines AI, demand-side consumption control, battery technology, solar photovoltaics, and grid supply to create a holistic and sustainable energy solution.

The core idea of BeChained is:

  • to help industrial manufacturers reduce #energycosts and #carbonoffset spend, by making production processes more #energyefficient,
  • to pair AI-based predictive analytics with a versatile energy storage system, namely a high-capacity battery, and solar panels,
  • to execute automatically the improvements against the Manufacturing Execution Systems or the inverters,

The #AIalgorithms continuously analyse energy consumption patterns, weather forecasts, and grid status to determine the optimal combination of energy sources.

The Power of BeChained: A 70% Reduction in Energy Bills:

The results of our BeChained concept are nothing short of extraordinary. By integrating these technologies and aligning energy consumption with the most cost-effective and sustainable sources, we achieved a remarkable:

  • 19% energy consumption reduction for steel makers,
  • so for each €1 invested in BeChained’s technology, customers save €4,
  • while a 70% reduction in energy bills (on an annual basis) for off grid capacity deployment.

This game-changing innovation not only reduces costs for consumers, but also plays a crucial role in stabilising the grid by effectively managing demand.

Key Benefits of BeChained:

  • Energy Bill Reduction: BeChained optimizes the use of solar energy, grid supply, and battery storage, resulting in substantial cost savings for homeowners and businesses,
  • Grid Stability: By efficiently managing energy consumption, BeChained contributes to the overall stability of the electric grid, especially during peak demand and intermittent renewable energy generation,
  • Environmental Sustainability: The increased use of solar energy in the BeChained system promotes sustainability and reduces reliance on fossil fuels,
  • Energy Independence: BeChained allows consumers to take control of their energy needs, reducing their reliance on external energy sources and improving resilience in case of grid disruptions.


Our visit to the PowerEM Fair Trade in #Berlin was an inspiring journey into the world of energy innovation. The event brought together experts, industry leaders, and pioneers in the field to discuss the critical issues of demand-response and demand-side flexibility.

Our presentation of BeChained showcased the transformative potential of #AI, #batteries, #solarphotovoltaics, and grid supply in reshaping the energy landscape. With a 70% reduction in energy bills and a profound impact on #gridstability, BeChained is not just a concept but a visionary solution that has the power to revolutionize the way we consume and manage energy. The future of energy is bright, sustainable, and driven by innovative solutions like BeChained.