Revolutionising the UK sustainability: London calling use cases of AI in Industry


In the realm of industrial manufacturing, where energy consumption and carbon emissions are pressing concerns, BeChained is pioneering a solution that promises to transform the landscape. Using Artificial Intelligence, BeChained is on a mission to make production processes in industries whether steel, paper, and food and beverage, not only more efficient, but also significantly greener.

The Journey to London:

BeChained’s journey to the forefront of sustainable innovation takes a significant leap as we gear up to pitch at the Sustainable Ventures event in London on November 23rd. This opportunity has been made possible through a mission organized by ICEX, in collaboration with Cambridge Cleantech, Oxfordshire Greentech, and Cambridge University. Our week-long visit to the UK has been instrumental in expanding our network in Cambridgeshire, a hub of innovation and sustainability.

Networking Highlights:

During our stay, we seized the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of stakeholders. We had insightful discussions with regulatory talents, fostering a deeper understanding of the regulatory landscape in the UK. Meetings with investment banks (HSBC who had acquired the Silicon Valley Bank branch) provided valuable insights into financial considerations and opportunities for startups like BeChained.

Tech Nation representative, Sammy Fry, shared their perspectives on the technological landscape. while interactions with KPNG proved instrumental in comprehending the financial advantages and opportunities associated with establishing Research and Development (R&D) operations in the UK.

BeChained’s Innovative Approach:

At the core of BeChained’s mission is the utilisation of Deep Reinforcement Learning to optimise industrial manufacturing processes. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we aim to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, addressing two of the most significant challenges faced by the manufacturing industry today.

Our focus extends to industries such as steel, paper, and food and beverage, where our technology is designed to enhance energy efficiency, while minimising environmental impact. The application of our AI technology (Deep Reinforcement Learning) enables us to intelligently optimise energy usage in manufacturing production processes, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Looking Ahead:

As we prepare to present BeChained’s groundbreaking solution at the Sustainable Ventures event, we are excited about the prospect of showcasing our commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Our goal is to inspire change in industrial manufacturing, fostering a future where efficiency and environmental consciousness go hand in hand. The ultimate goal is to avoid 65 millions tCO2 per year from wasted energy, by 2040.

Join us on November 23rd in London as we unveil BeChained’s vision for a greener industrial landscape. Together, let’s embrace innovation, sustainability, and the promise of a brighter future.

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