Vechain’s congress in Las Vegas (USA)



Vechain Foundation invested in BeChained thanks to the program Draper University + Vechain in 2022.

During the Demo Day, which was celebrated on Feb 2023, Jackson invited to the Congress that would celebrate in a couple of weeks in Las Vegas (USA). The reason why he thought our participation would be interesting was that we had developed a concrete use case of #web3 for #sustainable #impact.

As Vechain is really committed for sustainability, yet having developed solutions in supply chain for wine and fashion industries, they were intrigued in developing another in:

  • #energyefficiency,
  • impact measurement (#carbonfootprint),
  • energy asset for #flexibility market,

Vinay Shandal (BCG) explain how the famous consulting firm considers key studying the impact for business development:

  • Vechain’s new web page,
  • the new tools for an send-to-end solution management,
  • the partnership with Boston Consulting Group,
  • some alliances for R&D at very high level (like with Nobel Price winners).

A presentation from the agenda was very insightful, as we learnt a lot from a Physic Nobel Price winner about new materials. Nevertheless, also the following round table about moonshot innovation allows to get a lot of takeaways too.

The Nobel Price winner explains his research: new smart materials for energy and storage issues.

Finally, we are aligned with Vechain’s key impact goals, so that we keep on working on our #web3 #wallet to manage #energy and #CO2credits assets. Our commitment is with Vechain’s technology.